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Avvicinare sempre più persone disabili allo sport anche attraverso attività apparentemente semplici come un cammino, far si che anche attraverso lo sport ogni esistenza diventi un modello di resilienza e superi le difficoltà che la vita stessa ci pone.

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Hello and welcome,

My name is Andrea Devicenzi, I am a coach and an athlete, keen on sports and challenging adventures.
I live in Martignana di Po, a small village in the province of Cremona. I am married to Jessica and I have two wonderful daughters, Giulia and Noemi. At the age of 17 I had a serious motorbike accident which cost me the amputation of my left leg. A tragic event that changed my life forever.

Fortunately, I may have lost one leg but not the desire to live at my best every single day of my life.

I’ve always practised sports and benefited from each training session physically and mentally, which has always helped me also in the everyday life.
During all those years, I did a lot of soul-searching and I got to firmly believe that SUCCESS in my LIFE, as to sports, family or work, would not depend on the number of my legs but my mind!

This is how in 2007 I started to practise cycling in a Paralympic team, taking up new and ever-growing challenges.

2008 – I compete in several Gran Fondo (cycling events).

2009 – I compete in international cycling races to qualify for the London Paralympic Games in 2012.

2010 – I ride the highest road in the world, situated in India, a MTB trip of 700 km in autonomy for 8 days. I am the first athlete with an amputated leg to reach Kardlungla at the height of 5,602 m.

2011 – I take part in the Paris-Brest-Paris, the Olympiad of the Randonnée: 1,230 km to ride in a maximum of 80 hours, and cross the finishing line in 72 hours and 42 minutes. I’ve been the first amputee in the world since 1890 to make it.

2012 – I sart an important adventure in the Paratriathlon (swimming, cycling and running) and win the bronze medal in the European Championships in Israel, which allowed me to qualify for the World championships in New Zealand in September that year.

2013 – Silver medal in the Paratriathlon European Championships in Turkey.

2014 – Together with some friends I create and conclude the 1st Training Tour of Italy dedicated to the young, their resources, self-confidence and self-esteem, to increase their awareness of the wonderful abilities and talents they already possess.

2015 – I quit my “steady” job as an employee and take a new start as a self-employed Trainer and Mental Coach.
Together with the friends of Progetto 22, I organize and conclude the 2nd Training Tour of Italy, raising to 10.000 the number of young people met in their own schools.

2016 – I leave on a trip to Peru where I combine my favourite activities, cycling and trekking. Indeed, I travel in complete autonomy the 1,140 km that go from Lima to Cusco on my bike, in 11 days only, then I cross part of the Andes on my crutches, in 4 days, and reach the most famous archeological site in the world, Machu Picchu.

2017 – During the 4th Training Tour of Italy I have the honor to meet more than 25,000 young in 50 different cities of Italy.
Sporting objective: to break the 24-H World Record of 500 km.

2018 – The Training Tour of Italy is almost over for the school year 2017-2018. In September I will launch a new project: I will walk the whole St Francis Way on my crutches in one month only!

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