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Here is my "pilgrim's passport"
By Redazione di Popolis Posted in Latest news, The St Francis Way on 22 May 2019 0 Comments 1 min read
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The Credential or “pilgrim’s passport” is a document that the pilgrims always keep with them and particularly cherish for it gets stamped in every facility, office, church where they stop and, once they reach the end of the trip, it gives them the right to receive the longed-for certificate of pilgrimage, the Testimonium.

Those stamps, marked with the date and the signature of whom puts it on, which I like, are collected during the journey at different times of the day but especially with different people and under different weather conditions. They generate positive anchors and each time you look at them you can mentally go back in time to live again that precise moment, remembering the noises, the sensations, the voices, etc.

For those who do not know what the anchors are, they are a simple mechanism that connects an external or internal stimulus with an emotive response. They are very useful in our lives to help us get over negative times, enhance our productivity and/or performances.

Here is a useful example for all: an anchor is when we listen to a song that reminds us of our first love and/or a specific time of our life. What we can feel from that very moment differs from what we could feel the moment before.

Is it clear? 🙂

The interesting thing is that while very often positive or negative anchors are created automatically, the same anchors can be created or deleted willingly by using a specific technique of the coaching.

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